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How Scholarship Amounts are Determined
Scholarship Application Form
Other Financial Aid Resources


Thanks for your interest in attending Florida College. We believe it is a fine institution that offers a wholesome environment to those who are seeking an excellent education.

The information on this page is designed to assist you and your parents in seriously thinking about FC as a school choice and to make you aware of financial assistance available to you through the Chicagoland Booster Club.

How Scholarship Amounts Are Determined

Each year the scholarship committee (comprised of three FC booster club members) makes decisions about the amount to award each applicant based on the dollars set aside by the booster club for scholarships. Each committee is given latitude to decide the exact weightings to give to the following factors:

1. Booster Club Activity (fund raisers, work in club functions, etc.)
2. Financial Need
3. Grade Point Average or ACT/SAT scores
4. Personal Savings
5. Other (family circumstances, returning students, etc.)

2016-2017 Scholarship Application Form
Right click the image below to download. Instructions about where to send your completed form are provided in the downloaded materials.


Applications for the Fall, 2016 semester must be postmarked by
JUNE 1, 2016

Right click image
to download.
Other Financial Aid Resources
Please contact Florida College about its excellent
Adopt-a-Student program
and other loan and scholarship programs they have for you!
Contact Beth Wilson at (813) 988-5131 or by email at: wilsonb@floridacollege.edu
Check out this financial aid source too.
Federal Student Aid